John William Dishman

Every communication needs a target audience.  My target audience for this piece of communication, “the blog”, is my grandchildren: Susanna, Lydia, Luke, Leif, Orion and TBD. Not my grandchildren as they are in 2012.  Rather, my grandchildren as they will be about ten years from now and afterward when they are adults.

My motivation comes from wishing I knew more about my own grandfathers — the first generation.  John William Dishman and Beverly Moreland Flanery both died before I was born — John William only 2 months before my birth.  Their combined DNA makes up half of mine. Nothing they wrote or said has survived to me sitting here 2 generations later — the third generation — to let me know what they thought or how they felt about the world they knew.

That world of the small town of Collinsville, Texas in Grayson County was as different from my world, as my world will likely be different from my grandchildren’s world of their future. Will they — the fifth generation — even care about the generations of their family preceding them? I hope so, because there is a certain “covenantal continuity” that runs through all the generations. What that continuity is, and why it is important to them, is something I hope to explore in these pages.

As you see below, the various posts on this site are loosely organized under four major headings: science, philosophy/theology, family, and retirement. The first stems from my training as a physicist; the second because I serve as an elder in the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA); the third because I love my family; and the fourth because as a retiree there is much to explore about retirement — before and during. So grandchildren — and other visitors — I hope you find what follows interesting, and even mildly amusing!

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